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Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense

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I love writing, and I love writing by the ocean. Currently, I am enjoying the Pacific Ocean in Montanita, Ecuador. I sit in front of my french doors watching the ocean as I write. Life is good.

I began to write seriously about 20 or so years ago, after I submitted a short story about my beloved black Labrador Retriever, to a veterinary magazine. I was so surprised when they bought it. After that, I tried a novel. When that was published, I entered it in a contest, and it won an award! That led me to believeI just maybe I could write. Since then, I have written ten more. I have just published two more books in the past two months. "Missing Memories" and "Angelface" are now available. So that makes twelve books published now.

Currently I am working on the sequel to "Angelface" while researching information for another one after that.

Originally, I am from Pittsburgh, PA. Most of my stories revolve around the Western Pennsylvania area, except "Second Chances." That one takes place in Florida, where I have lived for 15 years.

Wherever I go, my two loving cats, Duncan and Devin, go with me. They are here with me in Ecuador right now.

I hope you will read my books, and give me feedback. I love hearing from readers, and I always pay attention to what a reader has to contribute.

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